Garden of Inspiration with Alexa de la Cruz

Photographed by Maureen Evans

To discover Alexa de la Cruz’s beautifully curated and artfully crafted world – even virtually – is to wander through a garden of visual delight and endless inspiration. We first came across Alexa when we stumbled upon her line of artisanal fine jewelry and immediately came to lust after the delicate botanical keepsakes that she so poetically crafts out of the finest reclaimed metals and thoughtfully selected gemstones. As we delved deeper, and began to follow along with her story, we were mesmerized not only by the beauty that Alexa herself creates, but also by the range of carefully researched influences and references that she so generously shares - from spellbinding blossoms, to paintings from antiquity, and interiors from around the globe.

Alexa approaches all that she does – from designing her line, to gathering and assembling the stunningly beautiful selection of objects that she sells on her online shop - with the same curatorial spirit and passionate curiosity that drives her constant visual research. We are so inspired by Alexa’s insatiable curiosity and wide-eyed search for beauty in every corner of the world, and so thrilled to feature her here on our Journal. See below for some photos of Alexa in her Mexico City studio-store, and keep reading for some words from Alexa on the ever-evolving lens through which she views herself, her work, and her influences!  

"The first time I gave birth was like a metaphor that changed me forever, as I had not only given birth to my son, but also to the mother in me. It was a rebirth of my spirit - no one could have ever explained what it would feel or look like. Today, I continue to meet the mother in me who has taught me many things, but the greatest lesson has been resilience.

Learning to meet her has been the most humbling experience of my entire life and I know for sure that I will continue to meet myself differently as my children grow and their needs change.

It took about a year into motherhood to start feeling like myself again. As my child was starting to gain independence by intuitively playing and slowly discovering the world, I started to have more time to take care of myself and I would say most importantly, I knew that asking for help was essential in order to mother my child the best way I could.

It took me some time to navigate and eventually I surrendered and started to build my own little village of support. Building my support reconnected me with my family in a much more intimate and vulnerable way. From a place of understanding, compassion and love towards them, especially my mother. It has been the most beautiful transformation and I will continue to embrace change, adversity and beauty as it comes.

As my first child grew into toddlerhood, I had more time to enjoy my evolving identity and surrendering to flow. It was as I watched him discover the world that I also reconnected to my inner child. The connection flourished into my personal work, allowing me to have a much more authentic approach to my creations. I was guided by nature and started to appreciate and notice colors, textures and the love put into craftsmanship differently and much more intentionally. That is how my adoration and of color, prints, ancient techniques started to bloom and now influences my work and personal life greatly.

I like to spend my free time sourcing antiques, handcrafted papers, searching for heirloom flower seeds, admiring illustrations and colors of all kinds. I plan on using all that I have collected through this time on projects for Alexa de a Cruz, jewelry wise and also independently from jewelry. My first book, a coloring book, will soon be available. It is greatly inspired by ancient illustrations and the enthusiasm my children have to learn, color and be intuitively creative."

– Alexa

Alexa wearing the Seville Nightgown in Blue Baby Kate and her own jewelry

Alexa wearing the Jacques Dress

Alexa wearing the Seville Nightgown in Blue Baby Kate and her own jewelry

Alexa wearing the Jacques Dress and her own jewelry

Alexa's son wearing the Suma Short in Coquille Medallion

Alexa wearing the Jane Blouse in Coquille Medallion and her own jewelry

Alexa wearing the Jacques Dress