2023 Impact Update

01. Introduction

Our mission at DOEN is to create lasting, beautiful collections while supporting women-identifying individuals in all aspects of our organization, value chain, and community. Within that mission, our 2030 Roadmap published in January of this year lays out our approach to business: to view our supply chain as a value chain, and to commit to creating more environmental and social value across every tier and function of that model – and we encourage you to read it in full here.

We committed to updating our community annually about our progress – and our challenges – in meeting our 2030 goals. We have spent this year building upon the pillars of our roadmap, listening closely to our partners across our supply chain, and putting our words into action. Our Impact team grew to two full time employees and we spent much of the year focused on internal learning and alignment. We hosted several “impact lunch and learns” to bring together the entire company to better understand the fashion and textile systems and their impacts.

We also developed and integrated several impact initiatives – such as our Preferred Material Strategy and Purchasing Practices Strategy – across our internal teams and our value chain. We’re so excited to share more details about those strategies soon, but our goal for this report is to update our community on our 2022 , our progress toward our  carbon reduction goals, and share a high-level progress update on our other environmental and social impact work. We plan to publish a robust Impact Report in the first half of 2024, to align with the industry calendar for ESG reporting.

02. Environmental