A Note About Counterfeit DÔEN Products

At DÔEN, we are committed to producing high quality products with thoughtfully sourced materials. Our items are made with the highest quality materials (organic cotton, ramie, silk, wool, traceable alpaca, etc.) and are produced by manufacturing partners chosen based on a host of factors including their governing values, ethical labor practices, worker wages and benefits, social compliance and certifications, efforts toward the empowerment of women in their workforce, quality and craftsmanship, and proximity to regional techniques and raw materials. 

As our brand continues to grow, so does the market for counterfeit "DÔEN" items. Such counterfeit items are not made with the same high quality materials or manufacturing standards our customers have come to expect from our brand. Counterfeit products can be found online, and even in the most "reputable" marketplaces.  To avoid counterfeits, we encourage our customers to purchase directly from our stores or website.

However, we know our styles continue to live on beyond a direct purchase from our stores or website, and we want to ensure that our community feels confident and informed in their search for authentic, previously-loved DÔEN styles. We urge our customers to use the utmost caution when purchasing from resell sites. To help, we have shared information about our fabric use and where our apparel is made below.

DÔEN takes the protection of its customers and its intellectual property very seriously and we welcome communication from you on this matter. Should you ever have questions or concerns about the authenticity of items you have purchased or encountered online, please contact us at customercare@shopdoen.com with images and we’d be happy to help.