This is About Humanity with Zoe Winkler Reinis

Photographed by Nicki Sebastian

Zoe Winkler Reinis is a force. Strong mama of three adorable boys, loving wife, deeply loyal friend - and as of 2018 - driven philanthropist & activist. Zoe started This Is About Humanity last year (alongside Elsa Marie Collins & Yolanda Selene Walther-Meade) : a movement with a goal of raising awareness on asylum seekers and family separation at the border. We all remember vividly those early stories and videos - the feeling of confusion, anger and helplessness. It was in those initial moments - when I, personally, was grasping for information and trying to figure out how to help - that Zoe dropped everything and jumped head first into action. This Is About Humanity not only raises money for these asylum seekers and refugees for legal services & shelter improvements (since beginning in May 2018, they have raised over $450,000!) but they also host trips to the border so people in the LA community can learn first hand about the humanitarian crisis and how to help. With an understanding that community and personal experience are always the most powerful mobilizers, This is About Humanity has gained remarkable momentum and has changed countless lives for the better. But with increasingly restrictive immigration laws and upwards of 2,000 people arriving at the southern US Border every day, the work is far from over. See below for a few ways to help.


Ways To Help from Zoe Winkler Reinis

Gift Cards // Next time you go to Costco or Walmart, ask for activated gift cards to support asylum seekers or buy Visa gift cards for those who are in the States to buy bus passes. Contact @thisisabouthumanity who can collect them and make sure they get to those in need! The last trip to the border, over $5,000 worth were donated!

Legislators // Ask youR elected officials to hold border agencies accountable for the treatment of asylum seekers at the border.

Donate // Donate directly to

Follow // @thisisabouthumanity for updates on upcoming trips you can join and other ways to help and stay connected! Our partners on the ground in Los Angeles @immdef_lawcenter and our partners in San Diego @casacornelialawcenter ....There are SO many amazing organizations doing incredible work for more information please reach out to us and we can point you in the right direction!!

Zoe wearing the Assam Dress in Sweet Daisy

Zoe wearing the Saffron Dress in Bouquet Floral

Zoe wearing the Assam Dress in Sweet Daisy