Song Bird Chase Cohl

Videos by Alex Budman, Photos by Phoebe Dean

Chase Cohl is ethereal with a dry humor, confident yet humble, multi-layered yet never contradictory. She makes you laugh and her voice can make you cry. She has been a friend and muse to the brand since the beginning, and performed this year at our fundraiser for Planned Parenthood, so we thought it would be so fitting to feature her on our journal in conjunction with the launch of her first full length album!

Video, though new for us, seemed like the perfect medium to bring her grace, voice, and lyrics to life, with the inspiring landscape of southern California as the backdrop. See below for a few behind the scenes snaps on a 35mm camera in addition to videos we created with her to celebrate both our Spring '18 collection and her album release.

If you are in Los Angeles, everyone is invited to attend her album release show this Wednesday at the Bootleg Theater, and if you are not in Los Angeles - listen to her album here. :)

– pd

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“The album listens like a sort of storytelling, a journal entry almost. The songs are so intensely personal, & so galvanized from the idea of overcoming emotional turmoil, heartache, difficulties, or even simply small frustrations, to create something beautiful that connects people. It is not about isolating anyone, we all process emotions at different levels. It was a pretty cathartic experience for me, being able to process my own experiences this way. I hope that whoever listens to it, whether it be two, twelve, or two hundred people, can find that sort of kinship with the songwriting. At the very least, some easy listening for a Sunday afternoon drive."

- Chase Cohl

Chase Cohl singing Stay Down off her new album Far Away and Gone, wearing the Antoinette Dress

Pieces worn: Antionette Dress in Emerald Tea Floral, Tansy Dress in Salt, Primrose Dress in light Pond, and Oleander Dress